Women's Business Hub
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Women’s Business Hub Online Marketplace

Lauch Your Business

The Women’s Business Hub is launching a BRAND NEW online marketplace to help immigrant entrepreneurs take their products and services to new markets both locally and nationally!

We believe that every entrepreneur has a story to tell. WBH features the stories of entrepreneurial immigrant women with a passions born of amazing journeys that have fostered the spirit to build, create and innovate and with ideas to deliver bold and often unique products and services.

WBH strives to enable immigrants with small businesses to reach our local and national markets at a minimal cost, making it possible for them to focus instead on creativity and production.

With this platform, WBH helps them find “appreciators” and helps those appreciators find their unique stories!

Apply to become an online vendor!

We are currently accepting applications from immigrants all over Saskatchewan to be a part of our online marketplace and share their products and services locally and beyond.