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Threads Library Feature: Truth and Reconciliation with Chief Cadmus Delorme

Explore further, Treaties, Truth & Reconciliation, The Indian Act and Residential Schools. Consider how understanding Indigenous Ideologies and stories help First Nations Peoples deal with past and present trauma.

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Threads: Cultural Conversations showcases the experiences of speakers and performers from across Canada. They come together and explore the question "How can people from different cultures, geographies, and religions learn to live with each other so that all can flourish?"

See what this two-day free online conference is about.

About Threads

About Threads

How can people from different cultures, geographies, and religions learn to live with each other so that all can flourish? Let’s begin by asking questions and listening with a desire to learn. Threads: Cultural Conversations is a two-day free virtual conference featuring speakers and performers from across Canada and around the world.  Let’s create shared experiences that open the door to seeing, knowing and being an empathetic global community!



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