Threads : Cultural Conversations

What is Threads?

What is THREADS?

  • THREADS is a two-day cross-cultural online conference that offers employers, teachers, students, and people from all walks of life the tools to cultivate a more inclusive environment in Canada and across the world. The worldviews of participants are expanded through meaningful dialogues and exchanges.
  • A platform for personal and professional development that builds on shared stories and experiences, listening to one another, and rethinking assumptions.
  • Speakers/performers share their diverse stories in online knowledge talks, accompanied by art, film, storytelling, dance, music, theatre, poetry, philosophy, and more.
  • All THREADS videos can be found in the THREADS Library. Subscribe to access over 120 videos exploring aspects of immigration, multiculturalism, identity and ethnicity, among many other topics. Subscription fee can be waived upon request.


  • To acknowledge we humans around the globe are marked by diverse experiences and histories at a personal and social level
  • To facilitate the understanding that humans make meaning of the world by living in a specific time, location, and geography
  • To promote that learning happens within life circumstances
  • To expand curiosity to widen their cultural circles through sharing stories and experiences
  • To weave the tapestry of commmunity, one thread at a time