Threads : Cultural Conversations

What is Threads?

What is Threads?

Threads is an online platform for cultural education and personal development through building on shared experiences, listening to one another, and rethinking assumptions.

Speakers from all walks of life share their stories in online knowledge talks, accompanied by performances, poetry, art, philosophy, and a lot more. Participants will experience the world’s diversity through the eyes of others.

Why was Threads created? What is the vision of Threads?

We are a globe marked by diverse experiences, traditions, beliefs, languages, and world views.

We are our History. Each human is created from living in a specific time and location in our world. Even specific regions can be incredibly unique and diverse from one another.

Human migration and intermingling of cultures have also led to transformation and new ideas that intersect to create life anew.

We are creating a means for diverse cultures to hear each other’s stories and experiences, while cultivating new ‘shared experiences’ that foster cross-cultural awareness.

When we weave diverse threads together, we discover the richness in our diversity, but also how much we need each other to survive and grow!