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Threads : Cultural Conversations

THREADS’ Philosophy

Our world is marked by diverse experiences, traditions, beliefs, languages, and worldviews. As human beings, we are the product of our own experiences. Our perceptions are shaped by living in a specific location and time. Human migration and the intermingling of cultures have also led to transformation and new ideas that intersect to create life anew.

In an ever-changing world, human interactions and cross-cultural issues will remain an ongoing and evolving discussion. THREADS is a means for diverse cultures to hear each other's stories and experiences, while cultivating new "shared experiences" that foster cross-cultural awareness.  It is a platform for a collection of conversations and perspectives, creatively told by people from all walks of life. 

When we weave diverse threads together, we discover the richness in our diversity, but also how much we need each other to survive and grow!


  • To acknowledge we humans around the globe are marked by diverse experiences and histories at a personal and social level

  • To facilitate the understanding that humans make meaning of the world by living in a specific time, location and geography

  • To promote that learning happens within life circumstances

  • To expand curiosity to widen our cultural circles through sharing stories and experiences

  • To weave the tapestry of community, one thread at a time

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