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The Saskatoon Open Door Society is one of many organizations throughout the province which provides services to immigrants and refugees, including the new Syrian arrivals. For more information, please check the following:

SaskCares: provincial website connecting members of Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement and Integration Agencies (SAISIA)
Welcome Refugees: a federal government website

Saskatoon Open Door Society News


We would like to thank all the participants and everyone involved in helping to organize this event.

Youth Empowerment Through Civic Engagement (YECE) is an interactive training project where youth are introduced to the three levels of government and the concepts of lobbying, advocacy and civic engagement. Participants are guided on the development of action projects related to municipal issues of their choice which they will continue to move forward with after the project ends. These projects may involve presentations to City Council or City Committees or other forms of advocacy, lobbying or political action.

The pilot project wrapped up on December 4 followed by a reception with city officials and future leaders in the community. A reflection and evaluation concluded this activity for participants to further learn from their experience and were given information on other ways of engagement in civic issues.

The participants were very diverse: newcomers, Canadians and First Nations/Metis/Inuit youth. We partnered with Oskayak High School in recruiting First Nations/Metis/Inuit participants and would like to thank Randy Morin for all his help. We would also like to thank the agencies and individuals involved in the following activities:

Oct 23- Introduction & training
Nov 6 - YECE had City Councillors Mairin Loewen & Charlie Clark introduced how they address community members concerns.
Nov 26 – went to City Council Meeting  with NEXT UP (for more info: http://www.nextup.ca/about/)
Dec 4 – training + evaluation + wrap up/reception with leaders in the community including Mayor Don Atchison, City Councillors Charlie Clark, Mairin Loewen and Zach Jeffries, Catholic Education Board Trustee Diane Boyko and Public Education Board Trustee Darrel Utley. 

The YECE was a great success, thanks again to all who were involved!

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