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Make Meaningful Connections

A number of our programs are designed to provide adults with an opportunity to connect with one another, develop new skills and establish friendships that make their transition easier.

Programs for Women

Immigrant Women’s Support Group Workshops

Women’s Support Group

Women come together to make friends, share stories, learn about resources and have fun. We provide information that focuses on participants’ needs and interests such as settlement, health, relationships, legal support, parenting, employment, safety and coping with stress.

Childcare and interpreters are provided as needed.

Creative Club

Women’s Creative Club

We encourage women to express themselves creatively through educational arts and crafts. We focus on the positive development of future goals and exploring women’s potential.

Immigrant Women’s Fitness and Wellness Group

Women’s Wellness Group

Newcomer women receive information about community-based activities and the importance of physical and emotional well-being.

Immigrant Women’s Events

Immigrant Women’s Events

We want immigrant women to feel welcome in their community and their new home country.

These events celebrate womanhood, bring inspiration, share success, provide insights and promote equal rights and responsibilities, while ensuring that immigrant women feel empowered and confident in their new life in Canada.

Women's Gardening

Small group of women are encouraged to step out into the fresh air and get back to nature, to improve their physical and mental health, as well as to foster communication, thinking and social skills through gardening and planting seasonal plants. Careful cultivation and plantation of a small patch of earth not only holds therapeutic significance but is also a source of immense pleasure and enjoyment.

Women's Business Hub

A place for talented immigrant women to come together and develop their skills under the guidance of business professionals. This 12-month program includes a combination of in-class training and hands-on development for your business.

For more information click here.

Programs for Men

Programs For Men Only

For Men Only

We create a safe space where men settling into their new home can make friends, practise English and learn more about life in Canada. Sessions consist of an hour spent cooking followed by an information session or presentation based on the participants’ needs and interests. We talk about family life and issues in Canada, parenting and relationship rights, and provide resources and support to immigrant men, using cultural mediation strategies to strengthen families.

Men’s Recreational Club

Men come together to enjoy various sports activities and learn about clubs and recreation centres in Saskatoon.

Men-to-Men Workshops

Men’s Gardening

A stress-relieving group activity for newcomer men to regain their self-esteem and foster positivity while getting their hands dirty in the mud by planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. Other than the obvious physical and mental health benefits, it embraces socialization and communication skills by providing a platform to not only mingle with other newcomers but also with main stream Canadians. In addition, Men’s Gardening also inculcates the significance of hard work and the benefits of nutritious food and a healthy environment.

Programs for Seniors

Seniors’ Programming

Seniors’ Programming

Seniors’ Programming, such as the weekly Circle and monthly Hub, gives newcomer seniors a sense of community and belonging. Seniors interact with other seniors, practise their English and learn about the culture and community through activities such as learning about new technologies, quilting, qigong, outings for bowling and bingo and other field trips.

Programs for Everyone

One-on-One Help with Tests

One-on-One Help with Tests

On an individual basis, volunteers are paired with newcomers preparing for written tests on specific subjects, such as vocational training, or applying for certificates related to settlement goals.

Community Gardening

During the summer, newcomers can make use of the City of Saskatoon’s many community gardens to grow their own food. Our program coordinators refer newcomers to a garden in their neighbourhood and give them tips on gardening in our climate.

Newcomer Volunteer Connections

Newcomer Volunteer Connections

Through one-on-one meetings and small-group activities, this program engages immigrants and refugees in volunteering opportunities in our city. Newcomers learn about volunteerism, practise their language skills and make new connections in the community. Volunteer Samplers provide a comfortable way for participants to join a staff member and try out a volunteer role. Volunteer placements in this program include opportunities with organizations throughout the city or with SODS as a Front Desk Greeter, Conversation Circle Assistant, Childminder or Special Events team member.