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Opportunity to Connect

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization and the local community. We create opportunities for the residents of Saskatoon to interact through volunteering and build understanding and friendships. This is how we discover each other!

Volunteer Registration

 We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteering program!  However, please be aware that our program has two restrictions: 

  • we cannot accept volunteers who have Visitor status in Canada 
  • we have very limited volunteering opportunities for youth under 18 years of age

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please take 40 minutes to watch the mandatory Volunteer Orientation video below. The video includes more in-depth information about the volunteering program's structure, our expectations, and the next steps required for registration.

Volunteering Streams with the Saskatoon Open Door Society

Below you can find information about the different areas of volunteering in our program.

For low-commitment volunteering opportunities, please see Flexible Programs below.

Newcomer Volunteer Connections

(For newcomers, in Canada at least 1 day)
  • Front Desk Placement – an opportunity to develop administration, customer service, and communication skills. 
    Requirements: CLB 4+, 1-3 months commitment (part-time). 

  • Community Placement – volunteering placement at another not-for-profit organization in Saskatoon. 
    Requirements: CLB 5+, 2-3 months commitment (part-time).

Flexible Programming

Core Programs

(For non-newcomers, in Canada 3+ years and CLB 7+)

(For non-newcomers who have been in Canada for at least 3 years, with fluent English)

  • Conversation Circle Leader – leading weekly English conversation practice.
    Requirements: Age 18+, in Canada 3+ years, fluent English

  • Mentoring – visiting a newcomer family at their home, once a week for 3-12 months. 
    Requirements: Age 25+, in Canada 3+ years, fluent English

  • Youth Study Group – helping newcomer high school students at in a study group, once a week, 3:30-6:00 pm.
    Requirements: Grade 12 student or recent graduate from high school in Saskatoon, in Canada 3+ years, fluent English

  • Campus Companion – mentoring a newcomer youth who is planning to start pursue post-secondary education. 

Requirements: Currently a university student in Saskatoon or a recent graduate, in Canada 3+ years, fluent English


Flexible Programs

(For newcomers and non-newcomers)
  • Flex Volunteering – access to a variety of low-commitment volunteering opportunities across the city or with our organization.

  • Group Volunteering – at least once a month, we arrange small group volunteering opportunities with local events and organizations.

  • Special Projects – These projects are always changing. You will be informed about current special projects upon completing your registration.