Early Childhood Education Centres

Childcare Centres

At the Saskatoon Open Door Society, we believe children are our future. It is very important they have a safe and healthy place to learn and develop. Our Child Care Centres provide a special place where children of refugees and immigrants participating in our programs can receive quality child care.

The Multi-Cultural Daycare  
Location: 247-1st Avenue North
Operates: Monday–Friday, 8:00am–6:00pm

Saskatoon Open Door Early Learning Centre  
Location: 1905 Eastlake Avenue
Operates: Monday–Friday 7:30am–6:00pm

The Multicultural Daycare and Early Learning Centre both promote respect for all traditions, languages and cultures. Children learn through free play, indoor, and outdoors, field trips, and structured activities based on various themes. Activities are designed to stimulate creativity, social skills and early childhood development. Activities are also based on the many cultures in the community and parents are often involved in planning programs and special cultural celebrations.

Children registered at the Child Care Centres also benefit from our multicultural staff. All child care workers are trained in Early Childhood Development and First Aid. Many of our Child Care Centre staff members also speak more than one language. In addition, as a large range of languages are spoken at the Open Door Society, arrangements can always be made to provide interpreters for newcomers if required.

Volunteers, students and others participating in work placements often help out at the Child Care Centres. These individuals are supervised by staff members and help with daily activities and field trips. They also help out teaching songs, games and crafts.

While there are fees to enroll in the Child Care Centres, some parents may qualify for subsidies and/or funding of day care costs. Please enquire at either the Centres for more information on applying for day care funding.