Community Connections

Community Connections

Volunteers contribute to the settlement and well-being of immigrants and refugees to Canada. Other than traveling to another country, there is no better way to gain cross cultural awareness and understanding.

Community Mentoring Program- An English speaking volunteer is introduced to a newcomer for community and cultural orientation as well as English practice. Activities may include: visiting, sightseeing, grocery shopping, taking the bus, etc. The volunteer’s friendship and support provides the newcomer with invaluable assistance with settling in their new home. The volunteer goes to the newcomer's home once a week, on a day and at a time that is mutually convenient. Volunteers are asked to commit for 6 – 12 months.

Community Host Mentoring Program- Volunteers are connected to newcomers who speak the same language and are from the same ethnic community, shortly after the newcomer’s arrival to Saskatoon. Volunteers help welcome the newcomers, introduce them to their ethno-community and provide cultural orientation. The volunteer goes to the newcomer's home once a week, on a day and at a time that is mutually convenient. Matches typically meet once a week for approximately 6 weeks.

Youth Study Group: Volunteers work together to assist newcomer high school youth with their schoolwork and with cultural orientation. Volunteering occurs after school, at various high schools in the city. The volunteer schedule follows the school year.

Conversation Circles are held once a week at various times and locations in the city. Children are welcome at some of the circles. Circles are led by English speaking volunteers. 

Mobile Conversation Circles are held once a week within participant's homes and are led by English speaking volunteers. These circles are by invitation only.

Discovering Canada Study Group is for permanent residents between 18 and 54 years old who want to learn about Canada. It is held once a week for 8 weeks with three sessions per year in spring, fall and winter.

Volunteer Connections Program: Assists immigrants and refugees to find volunteer opportunities outside Open Door and within the city of Saskatoon to broaden their networks, practice their language skills and gain work experience. Any newcomer with permanent residence is eligible.

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