Cultural Bridging

Cultural Bridging

The Cultural Bridging Program bridges newcomer immigrant and refugee families with the broader community and service agencies. The program focuses on encouraging and facilitating positive intercultural interactions within and between communities by providing culturally responsive programming and services. Cultural Bridging offers two separate programs:

Enhanced Cultural Responsiveness provides presentations, information sessions, and workshops to community agencies and institutions in the areas of cultural awareness and responsiveness to more accurately reflect the cultural diversity in the community. Topics include:

- cultural competency

- cultural diversity

- intercultural communication

- workplace diversity

- cultural specific information

Creating Youth Culture is a youth empowerment initiative where youth gain many life skills through teen-led workshops, the Sharing Stories Program to connect First Nations and Métis youth with newcomer youth, and the Youth Empowerment through Civic Engagement program to connect youth with diverse communities in Saskatoon.

For a service request form or for more information, please contact  306-653-4464 or email communityconnections@sods.sk.ca