Men & Women Support Programs

Men & Women Support Programs

About 250 newcomer men and women receive education and emotional support through these programs each year. They include group sessions, one-on-one counselling and home visits. Child care is provided for some group sessions.

Women's Support Programs

Immigrant Women Support Group

Offers a chance for women to share their experiences, make new friends, and learn about resources. They also receive support and guidance on personal issues such as family, parenting and health concerns.

Immigrant Women Creative Club

Educational sessions built around arts and crafts. Sessions focus on positive development of newcomer women’s future by stimulating their creativity and guiding them to explore their potential. 

Additionally, the Women's program will host events that allow newcomer women to come together and celebrate their respective culture and diversity as new women to Canada.

For more information on the Women's Programs, please contact Emily at lyan@sods.sk.ca or 306-653-4464


Men's Support Programs

This program supports newcomer men in their process of cultural transition in Canada and includes a variety of activities to foster interpersonal relationships and educate participants on various community services. The program is offered 4 times a year and runs for 8 weeks.

For Men Only

Brings immigrant men together around cooking, once a week to discuss issues of common interest. Includes educational discussions, weekly cooking, recreational/sports sessions and information workshops with guest speakers drawn from various organizations and service providers such as; Saskatoon Family Services, SGI, Saskatoon Health Region, etc. 

ELIGIBILITY :While priority is given to refugees and permanent residents, any newcomer men in Saskatoon are eligible

Men’s Recreation Club

Ongoing sports activities for newcomer men throughout the year. Participants take part in both indoor and outdoor activities like soccer, volleyball, table tennis and swimming practice. Information about a variety of sport centers and activities in Saskatoon is also offered.

ELIGIBILITY : Any newcomer men with Permanent Residency status are eligible.

For more information on the Men's Programs, please contact Rishad at rbismullah@sods.sk.ca or 306-653-4464