Settlement Services




Refugee Assistance Program (RAP)

Every year, 200 to 250 Government Assisted Refugees are welcomed at the airport by our staff who work closely with the arrivals to meet their basic needs and connect them to community services. Only Government Assisted Refugees are eligible for this program.

Needs Assessment, Referral and Support (NARS)

Supports immigrants and refugees in the first three years of arrival to Canada. Our experienced Counsellors can assist with the following services:

Needs assessment
Settlement planning
Referrals to community resources
Information and orientation sessions
Linguistic and cultural interpretation
Document preparation and translation

Services are also aimed at assisting newcomers with the longer term challenges of adapting to a new life in Canada through comprehensive case management. All newcomers who are permanent residents are eligible.

Settlement Advising (SA)

This program focuses on assisting newcomers for initial settlement needs and integration to the Saskatoon community in the first two years of arrival to Saskatchewan. Our experienced Provincial Settlement Advisor provides the following services:

Assessing initial settlement needs & concerns
Information to assist with housing & transportation
Assistance in accessing education, social & health services
Practical guidance & counselling
Referrals to community resources
Document preparation & Translation

Eligibility includes those with: Permanent Residence, Canadian citizenship, temporary work permits, study permits, visitor permits and refugee claimants, who are at least 18 years old, or have a family member in Saskatchewan who is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident and has been residing in Saskatchewan for at least one year, and who are a recent arrivals to Saskatchewan (no more than 2 years in the province). 

Family Mediation Workshops: Supports families in understanding cultural differences and assists in building strong family relationships. The program offers a series of 8 weeks workshops for parents from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Case Consultation and Crises Intervention: Each family is assessed on a case by case basis. A parents’ consultation night is offered as well as family crises intervention and one-on-one counselling.