Belonging (Past 2021 Event)

Threads: Cultural Conversations 

Threads: Cultural Conversations is a new initiative by the Cultural Bridging Unit at the Saskatoon Open Door Society. Threads is an educational and arts-based platform that seeks to expand shared human experiences to create a sense of belonging and flourishing. Threads introduced the metaphor of humans and their stories as threads that inevitably intertwine and connect. And with this idea, together, we all began with our stories around belonging, to weave community one thread at a time. Held 20-21 January, Threads 2021 was a two-day event that brought together over 30 local and national speakers from all walks of life to share knowledge talks, storytelling and performances. Free from racial and ethnic silos, Newcomers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous virtually connected in a much-needed chance to share experiences to remind us that there is still plenty of room to learn about one another!

Becoming (Upcoming 2022 Event)

Threads: Cultural Conversations 

Humans are never finished beings. We’re always on the way to ‘becoming’ something more than what we are. We extend ourselves through our children. We pursue knowledge in schools, life experiences, in science or faith. Some vote with our feet with a hope of ‘becoming’ in another geography. As atoms, we collide in new spaces, creating new energy, chances and learning. If we were ‘finished’ beings, there would be nothing to learn! Threads 2022 explores ways of ‘becoming’. What are we doing along this ‘way’? What might we experience that makes us more aware along the journey? And if becoming doesn’t have a fixed outcome, might whom we strike up against, help us ‘become’ more aware and thus open to new ideas about being? How many ‘fortunate encounters’ along our journeys---if we keep ourselves open---might influence us in ways never imagined? How might our never-ending human journey ‘to becoming’ be fruitful with those whom we intertwine?

Call for Proposals (2022)

Artistic Response

Would you like to express yourself through art and use Threads 2022 as an artistic platform? We are seeking artists of all disciplines to respond to the Threads 2022 theme “Becoming”. You are welcome to respond using any medium within the following parameters:

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  • Read this document that outlines the philosophy of Threads
  • Submit a video and three photographs of your piece using WeTransfer
  • Videos must be between 5 and 7 minutes
  • Videos must include a short introduction as to who you are and what your process was in creating your response
  • Submissions are due to by August 31st, 2021.
  • If selected, your response will be included in the Threads Library and we will be happy to promote your work across our social media platforms. We also hope to build a relationship with more artists to be included in SODS and Threads activities in the future! There will also be a small honorarium for those selected.


Would you like to share your story about ‘becoming’ at Threads 2022? We are seeking three-minute stories from anyone and everyone responding to at least one of the following questions. 

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  • What is an odd question you’ve been asked about your heritage or country of origin? [Examples: “Is Saskatoon close to Toronto?” “Do you ride polar bears to work?”]
  • When have you had to interact with the unknown, and how did you deal with it? [Examples: “I went to a country where I didn’t speak the language, but once I learned the words for “thank you” and “bathroom” I had no problems finding my way around!” or “I was the first person to attend University in my family, and I joined a study group that helped and supported me while I completed my degree.” “The first time I tried dim sum I wasn’t sure what I would think but I absolutely loved it!”]
  • Can you think of a common thread that links all human beings together? [Examples: see our video from last year on “What Makes Canadians Canadian?”]
  • What is a story you have about a significant piece of clothing you own? We are looking for stories that tie to our themes of becoming as well as cultural identity. [Examples: “This is my wedding dress, and my wedding day went like this” “this is a scarf that my grandmother made for me while teaching me how to knit” “I made this skirt to connect with a tradition from my ancestral home.”]
  • You may answer multiple of these questions as long as your video is not longer than three minutes and you answer the questions separately. Submissions are due to by August 31st, 2021.


Please send your responses to one or both calls to Please send any video files using WeTransfer

If you have any general inquiries about Threads, please contact