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Youth Conference

What is the program about?

The Youth Leadership Initiative is a leadership and mentorship program designed to follow up on the objectives identified at the 2022 Youth Summit.

The program’s main goal is to address the areas of concern identified by youth at the summit. In the last year, we addressed topics like environment, mutual aid and mental health. The program, which is a part of the Canada Service Corps initiative, therefore consist of trainings relating to leadership, mentorship, allyship, sustainable environment and creating safer spaces, team building activities and volunteer opportunities/site visits throughout the year. Youth will be able to build their resumes and gain volunteer experience, employment skills, and leadership abilities while having fun and meeting other young people!

Participants will have the opportunity to report on their experiences and findings at the next Youth Conference in 2023.

Who can join?

The program is open to youth aged 15-30. If you are interested please contact us at

Application open date: April 4, 2022
Application close date: January 31, 2023