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Global Beats

Travel the World through Music and Dance – and Taste Its Delights!

Global Beats

People flock in numbers to enjoy live performances from our communities’ richly diverse musical traditions and to sample their delectable cuisine.

Music truly is the world’s universal language, with the power to instill cultural understanding in the community. Our one-evening festival, Global Beats, features local up-and-coming musicians playing traditional and non-traditional instruments.

In the past three years, performers from more than 20 different countries have graced our festival’s stage.

Different waves of immigration have also brought the city an array of affordable international dishes that are served at this event and are sure to tickle your taste buds.

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Global Dance

A culture’s dance embodies all the energy, joy and passion of its music – and its people.

At our first Global Dance Festival, 10 different groups in brilliant traditional costume warmed up a fall evening with an eye-filling display of grace and exuberance.

Admission is free for both our Global Beats and Global Dance one-evening festivals.

If you’re interested in performing at our next festival, please contact us at

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