Threads : Cultural Conversations

When is the Threads conference?

Our next conference will be on January 19-20, 2022.

Why is the conference called Threads?

Every community is made up of individuals, just as every tapestry is made up of individual threads. By hearing from individuals who make up the world we live in, we can appreciate the beauty and depth of our communities even more. This title was inspired by a story. Read about it here.

How do I register for Threads?

You can click here to register for the conference.

When should I register for Threads?

You can register any time once the registration opens until the second day of the conference.

Where can I watch the conference?

Once you have registered for the conference, we will send a link to your e-mail. Simply click and enjoy! Keep in mind that you will have to adjust the volume for yourself on your computer and on the video window. There will also be a chat feature available that will enable you to let us know if you’re having trouble accessing the conference. Afterwards, you can subscribe to the Threads Library for a year with a donation of $50 or more to enjoy the content. The registration for Threads 2022 is open NOW. Click here to register.

Are there any learning outcomes for Threads?

Yes, there are. Participants will experience the world’s diversity through the eyes of those who know or have lived through incidents relating to cultural studies, migration studies, sociology, psychology and social and cultural anthropology, family and post-colonial studies. Moreover, our speakers and performers come from all walks of life and will share firsthand experiences. In this way, we hope to expose participants to new, shared experiences that expand their learning and worldview, so that we may continue to cultivate a more inclusive future not only in our communities and across Canada, but also in the world.

Who can attend Threads?

Threads is open to everyone. Audiences will include community stakeholders, settlement practitioners, social workers, members of educational institutions and boards, academics, students and researchers as well as service providers like health care employees, public sector employees, union members, the Saskatoon city police and different businesses. Our audience will reflect our diversity, in that it will include Newcomers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants of all ages—from elementary schoolchildren to seniors.

What is the Threads Library?

The Threads Library is a useful resource for educators, universities and colleges, communities, community leaders, businesses and service providers alike. You can find key knowledge about what it means to flourish, belong and become for Newcomers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals and communities as showcased at Threads: Cultural Conversations livestreamed events. 

Our ever-expanding Threads Library contains materials from Threads conferences, which includes never-before-seen videos and full-length versions of talks and lectures in the Threads agenda. As the Threads Library resource grows, our aim is to support those who want to broaden their cross-cultural understanding and ‘shared experiences’ with one another.

How do I subscribe to Threads Library? How much is the subscription?

You can subscribe to the Threads Library here. You will have a 12-month subscription with a donation of $50 or more.

Will I have access to the conference materials even if I do not donate?

During the conference you will have access to everything that you need. A donation only guarantees continued access to our resources, as well as conference replays, for a full year beginning in February 2021. The conference experience on January 20-21 will be the same regardless of whether a participant has donated or not. 

Can I share my Threads Library account with other people?

Yes. You can share your account with friends, family, colleagues, etc.

How soon can materials be available in the Threads Library?

Please visit the Threads Library site for more information.

Can I support Threads in other ways?

The best way to support Threads is come and watch the conference and subscribe to the Threads Library.

Will Threads be held every year?

Yes. The Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) is committed to providing engaging and educational programming for the community and continuing the conversation around culture and belonging. Future episodes of Threads will be based on participant feedback, as well as emerging issues that affect our communities, both locally and nationally.

How can I be a part of the Threads conference?

We welcome all artists, musicians, speakers to be a part of Threads. We will ask for submissions from the public for the next Threads conference soon. Come back to our website for more information.

How do I submit my materials to Threads?

We will be calling for public submissions soon. Please come back for more information.

How can I get in touch with Threads if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

Please send your inquiries to

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