Threads : Cultural Conversations

Why is the conference titled Threads?

This two-day online symposium is titled Threads: Cultural Conversations because it aims to link Indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians as well as Newcomers in one seamless conversation around culture, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We acknowledge that there’s more than one truth... we often share a similar story but with diverse understandings that can be joined by a single thread. Through solo and group presentations, monologues, interview sessions, drama, poetry, philosophy, fashion and a lot more, participants are woven into the tapestry of Canada at a time of national and global uncertainties. By creating shared experiences, Threads hopes to open the door to seeing, being and knowing anew!


Are there any learning outcomes for Threads?

Yes, there are. Participants will experience the world’s diversity through the eyes of those who know or have lived through incidents relating to cultural studies, migration studies, sociology, psychology and social and cultural anthropology, family and post-colonial studies. Moreover, our speakers and performers come from all walks of life and will share firsthand experiences. In this way, we hope to expose participants to new, shared experiences that expand their learning and worldview, so that we may continue to cultivate a more inclusive future not only in our communities and across Canada, but also in the world.

Who can attend Threads?

Threads is open to everyone. Audiences will include community stakeholders, settlement practitioners, social workers, members of educational institutions and boards, academics, students and researchers as well as service providers like health care employees, public sector employees, union members, the Saskatoon city police and different businesses. Our audience will reflect our diversity, in that it will include Newcomers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants of all ages—from elementary schoolchildren to seniors.

Will I have access to the conference materials even if I do not donate?

All participants will have access to Threads resources during the two-day online event. However, if you choose to donate a minimum of $50, you will have access to additional resources as we add them, including cross-cultural education materials on diverse topics and other audio visual materials, such as the full-version videos from Threads 2021.

Will Threads be held every year?

Yes. The Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) is committed to providing engaging and educational programming for the community and continuing the conversation around culture and belonging. Future episodes of Threads will be based on participant feedback, as well as emerging issues that affect our communities, both locally and nationally.